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Making peer to peer transportation affordable and accessible to Next Billion Users

Our Mission is to empower everyone to have access to sustainable transportation by making it fair, transparent and reliable.

eeio is focused to digitize unorganized peer to peer transportation economy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. We’re the first company in India digitizing $10B+ untapped transportation economy. Our revolutionary packaged solution digitizes end to end workflow for Fleet Merchants and delivers curated experience to consumers. Let the consumer choose the right options.

Transforming the next decade for social good

This is personal to us. Growing up in micro and small business families, founders have witnessed the impact of technology and how it can empower and enrich society for the generations to come.. By digitizing the nation's micro and small transportation merchants, we reinvent the business and create sustainable opportunities.

Small scale transportation merchants are underserved and ignored for decades. Consumers rely heavily on these options.. Phones/offline modes are the primary communication mode with the entire business happening in paper trails.

Micro and Small merchants have lacked access to corporate customers due to lack of digital invoice, corporate compliance, regulatory requirements etc. The payment stack is inadequate. Accepting digital payment is still difficult without having a full digitized option. Bottom line, the entire workflow and consumer experience is broken.

Digitization builds economy

Micro, Small and Medium Business

Access to equal opportunity. Digitize your workflow, reinvent your business - empower, enrich and enable future generations


Lead the way to sustainable transportation. Create prosperous future and economic opportunities


Reliable, affordable and truly rewarding experience for your travel needs

The Technology Powering innovation

Our AI powered platform allows us to disrupt at scale and focus on what really matters to micro, small and medium travel merchants and consumers. The technology stack is blazing fast, intelligent and power efficient. As a result, the platform delivers superior value to consumers and enables cities across the nation with urban planning, improves congestion and transforms economic activity across micro, small and medium businesses.