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Making Daily Commuting Easy.

No more stressful start of the day in traffic jam for your employees. Enroll into eeio commuter program and get a door to door employee mobility solution fully digitized.


Customize Solution Catering your needs

Gro your business

Fully Digitized Commuter experience

Premium comfort at an affordable price; always making your time stress free

Make More Money

First and last mile

Priority bookings at no extra cost at prominent locations (Airport, Train Station etc.)

Save Money

Late night rides

First platform to enable tap and go rides - Optimize and Assist on demands needs

Get your team onboarded today

Customized Mobility Solution

Customized Mobility Solution

Design a commute program for your employees. Control how much of the cost will be covered, what time they can ride and have full visibility into your transportation needs.

Customized Mobility Solution

Add your Employees

Easy onboarding of your employees via business profile. Employer validates the profile and you’re in the employee management system on eeio’s portal.

Customized Mobility Solution

Employees are signed up for daily commuter rides

Employees daily commute time, date and address added onto eeio’s portal and ready to go for fully digitized experience.

How eeio Commuter Program can help your business

Gro your business

COVID Proof Rides

India’s first platform to deliver UV-C enabled fully sanitized fleet. Keeping employees health and safety at the forefront of the experience. Focus on delivering stress free, reliable solution to your business needs.

Make More Money

Perks and Bonus Points

The more your employees ride, the more points you earn. Helps to convert points to cash and pay for your leisure rides outside work as well.

Save Money

Transparency & Cost Control

Provide fully digitized invoices, cost breakdowns with full transparency into your spend. Making bookkeeping tasks easier for your company.